Did you know that France was the the berth of powerboat racing since 1870?

France has been and remain a nursery for several generations of young talents, who distinguished all around the world.

During the 60’s in Mâcon, Roger Moreau started crafting racing powerboats known as the « Cormorants » (acronym of COnstruction Roger MOReau, ANdré Tréfort), which were engaged in the local race, the « 2 h of Mâcon ». This local race became the training field of a bunch of young drivers such as the Jousseaume brothers, and our well known
Jean Vital Deguisne
The Cormorants et the » Mâcon band », will dominate french endurance races until the end of the 70’s and especially in 1975 when the won both « the 6h of Paris » and « the 24h of Rouen »!

Since, the next generation took over, with someone called Cédric Deguisne some of you might have heard of…

Mâcon region had been hosting powerboat races for decades, and this tradition is still alive.