2023 GOALS.

The very first edition of the F1H2OMACON GP attracted around 7.000 attendees during the 3 days of the event (estimates based on pics and videos), so we are confident to reach at least the 10k level this year.

Budget: €200.000
10.000 attendees
4 M Households reached
through TV broadcasting
+500 press releases reaching at least 15 M readers.


Although there has not be any F1 GP in Mâcon until last year, the previous F1H2O GPs of France, were held in Evian, on the Lake Leman.
This could help to get the full potential of such an event in France.

2018 GP of France in Evian figures.
Budget: €400.000 (Estimated)
+30.000 attendees.
3,8 M Households reached
through TV broadcasting.
+540 press releases reaching 15,7 M readers.
Gross Advertising Value for the City: $ 9,8M
Net Sponsorship Value for the city: $2,8M

In order to compare, the numbers for 2018 F1 car GP of France in Le Castellet are:
Budget: €30M
47.000 attendees.
500 M Households reached
through TV broadcasting.

For the same € invested, EVIAN GP get 57% of Le Castellet TV coverage, and 31 X more attendees !