MACON 2023: Let’s do it again !


Mâcon is the south entry gate to the Bungundy wine region and the crossroad between North-South and East-West commercial roads in France.
The city is blended by historical traditions and a long date fine wine making history.

2022 saw the first time  F1 powerboat Grand Prix of France hosted in Mâcon. This event was à huge success for all the parties despite the small amount of time and ressources dedicated.
Such an event couldn’t be a one shot, so the good news is that the team is working on a second edition.

As in 2022 such an event will gather many attendees and telespectators through extensive worldwide media coverage. A rare chance for companies (local & foreign) to promote their brand through partnership and sponsoring. This will also be a great opportunity for local and foreign entrepreneurs to meet and develop business relations with each others.

The particularity of this event rely on the fact that it will be financed in Bitcoin for some part. Public and partners will be able to pay, and donate with Bitcoin thanks to a recent partnership with

As in 2022, this event will be held under the « CARBON NEUTRAL » Charter in partnership with REFOREST ACTION. All the CO2 emissions will be balanced by a local reforest action in France.

Buckle up , and get ready for take off !


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